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Re: Soumission (Submission) - Controversial new French novel

Another book in the same mould is 'Renaud Camus - Le grand Remplacement' which is one of Zemmour's reference. The title speaks for itself, the great replacement, meanin local people being replaced by waves of immigrants.
I also think that the Islamophobia trend is across Europe, you just have to see what happened in Sweden recently
I understand the reaction of ordinary people seeing their social landscape changing completly. But strangely, all these authors never point out the disastrous mess that the US and its EU lapdogs are doing in the middle east. So it seems that there is a global trend to look for a clash of civilization between ordinary christians and ordinary muslims. One has to wonder, to whom's benefit ?
Personally my main concern is that if immigrants go home, who will pick-up my garbage outside ? don't think any French people want to do thes jobs
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