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Re: A shooting just happened in ( *fill in the blank * )

Western values of free speech is not the problem here. It is the solution. It has come hand in hand with Free Thinking, and the progresses made in innovating every aspect of our lives. It IS the only defense we have against tyranny and ignorance. It IS human progress in itself. Trade in Free Speech, and you might as well crawl back towards the dark ages, which is what these Islamic terrorists are working towards.

Those terrorists are not irrational nutjobs. Their planning and executiion shows it. They are not insane, they are evil. They cannot be allowed to win.

The Charlie Hebdo massacre will not be forgotten, and this is not defeat. They are martyrs of free speech, are now a cause célèbre, and will gain more for the liberty of free speech in the long run. This will not be ignored. May the impact of their talent expand exponentially, and may dozens times more spawn in their place.
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