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Re: A shooting just happened in ( *fill in the blank * )

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This isn't just another senseless gun shooting, it's the beginning of something more. Expect serious complications for the presence of Islam in Europe.
I doubt that. Publicly, politicians will get in front of the camera and pour some reassuring statements about resolve, European values and justice. The police will run around as if they are doing something important, but are actually helpless and clueless. They'll hold Cobra meetings and come out with a statement about some task force, or new bill. All to give you the impression that they have some control of the situation when they do not, because they need to justify all the massive amounts of tax money spent on their existence, and keep people from panicking. And as all the shock and discomfort is anaestheicized a few days later, then the talking points will be, "It had nothing to do with Islam". Then liberals and the media will call for the need for self-censorship.
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