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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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the first iraq war?

who elses fault is it?? 'we' armed them, 'we' trained them, 'we' are quite happy to let them, nay, encourage them, to fight amongst themselves, 'we' protect the ones in favour on any given day, and 'we' screw them if they dare to say no to there western masters.
There was no invasion in the first Iraq war. Kuwait (an equally awful despotic regime) was invaded by Iraq and a coalition was formed to expel them.

Arabs will always fight among themselves, they don't need our help to do that, have you never seen Lawrence of Arabia? There's over 350 million of them, all speaking the same language. They could be a superpower if they wanted, but they never will because they're held back by ludicrous religion and an ingrained mistrust and jealousy of one another.
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