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Re: Health Insurance - first 3 months...once again

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Indeed not happy to pay for whole month when we arrived on 29th. Hence mentioning it here so people coulc avoid that pitfall- for a family it is a sizeable sum. But now I've investigated the legality of it, I have not a leg to stand on clearly.

Still, as a warning, it is worth mentioning again. Many insurances will back date to the 1st of the month of arrival, even if you arrive right at the end. They can choose to wave this. So either arrive at beginning of month, or when you register with the Commune/Gemeinde, which has to be done within 2 weeks max of arrival, give the first of the month as arrival date (so if arrive on 30th of March, put down 1st of April). If they are allowed to give you a few days grace, they are not allowed to not backdate to beginning of the first 3 months though- unless there are exceptional circumstances- and awaiting to hear from official body what constitute an exceptional excuse.

BTW, the same happens for the birth of a child- but in this case the date is clear and there is nothing you can do- you have to back pay to 1st day of birth month, even if baby is born on 31st. So if you have an elective C-section, keep that in mind.
Odile, two weeks ago you said the opposite about backdating and back paying to 1st day of arrival :

" Helvetia67- would you care to clarify how you justify this, as it is clearly illegal. Insurance has to be taken within 3 months of arrival, and back dated to the first day of the month of arrival. I am sure you know this perfectly well. Insurance premiums are always calculated on a montly, not daily basis. hence the advice often given here not to arrive and register at the end of a month, as you have to pay for whole month. "
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