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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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For somebody who admits to having read "the translations" rather than the real thing (and hence probably lacks not only the language but also French societal context to fully understand the jokes), I think he's in a good position to judge the wit and value (or their absence) of these caricatures.

It's a bit like saying South Park is shite if all you've ever watched is the German translation.
Not to mention the importance of those cartoons to French culture.

"Because if we’re all agreed on that: Charlie Hebdo is also a crap publication and people need to stop celebrating it and making martyrs out of its staff."

The poor French have lost so much of their cultural supremacy; they lost cinema, the music is corny, the food misunderstood, the engineering is wacky, and they argue more than they work. So this cartoon lampooning industry is about high in their pinnacle of cultural achievements. I mean, I myself find those cartoons tasteless and turn away as soon as I glimpse it. But no need to piss in French Cheerios at this moment in time.
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