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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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Innocent lives were lost by the action of the Islamists and not by the action of the cartoonists. Sorry but I am not playing blame the victim game with you.

Meaning civilized people don't shoot when offended.
I knew that's what you meant (that civilized people don't shoot when offended). It's just that I thought that was obvious... and not really relevant to the journalist/politician conversation that I had mentioned and that you were referring to.

I understand that lives were lost due to the actions of the "terrorists." And I'm not trying to blame the victims here. They would all still be alive if it wasn't for the willingness of people to resort to violence to defend their religion(s). But I think it's necessary to sometimes step back a bit and look at the whole picture. And I do think it's important to question things like the subjectivity of humor and the possibility of the freedom of speech to be abused. (I'll admit that when I read about the magazine portraying the child victims of Boko Haram as being the children of welfare prostitutes, I was rather disgusted). Yes, the freedom of speech is a right, and it's a right that should remain intact despite who it offends, but it is also a right that can be abused.

This actually reminds me somewhat of when 9/11 happened. Everyone was so quick to raise their American flags afterward, but most didn't start asking WHY it happened until after quite some time had passed. Many Americans still have never bothered to ask why. After all, people don't just fly planes into skyscrapers for no reason (regardless of whether or not that reason is morally right or wrong). I've even met quite a few Americans who said that they thought 9/11 happened because the terrorists were jealous of American culture. I personally wanted to know why exactly those (almost) 3,000 lives were lost. It wasn't until after the shock and emotions had been subdued a bit that people began to question.
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