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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

Very difficult NIL, to work on the integration of people who are still treated like 3rd rate citizens- despite being French and born in France- just because their grand-parents were from North African ex French colonies! Strangely enough, many of the NF activists in the South of France are 2nd/3rd immigrants from Italy and Spain.

Did you ever see the Mathieu Kassovitz (of Amélie fame) film 'La Haine'? 97, I think if was. You can see it on u-tube.

As a teacher in very multicultural schools in the UK, I worked for 30+ years with several FRench schools in several areas (Normandie and Vosges)- and the anti-Islam and racism by French colleagues was incredible- both from the far left, and the far right- with very few in-between (pas la peine d'essayer avec ces bronzés- not worth even trying with those darkies). The 2 terrorists killed today were raised by the French State as orphans - I cannot begin to think what that experience was like. Not that excuses in any way shape of form the murders- but there is a massive anti-Islam movement in France, as said, from both extreme left and extreme right- and the historical principle of secularity (laďcité) is used again and again by both sides to hide under. When organising exchanges, it was impossible on several occasions to find families, and teachers, prepared to host some of our best students and linguists, because they were Muslims (and from VERY good homes too)!
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