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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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You say you're a student of what, you say? And who is teaching you what exactly?

This is the principle they were carrying out, and frankly a large majority of the Muslim world agrees with - "Whoever insults a Prophet kill him.". I'm sure there was the context of history and situation where this was stated. But that sounds pretty peaceful and tolerant, doesn't it?

The satirists were using an image of the prophet to provoke thought, though whether or not it insults someone who is dead is questionable. You can choose to insult me, but I don't know you, so I don't see how that carries any weight. Furthermore, it would only really be an insult if I felt insulted. But I have a huge sense of humour. Why is the Muslim world missing one? As for cartoons, of all genres, who takes cartoons seriously anyway?

Now, Sunni Islam prohibits the visual depiction of Muhammad. The reason cited is its roots in anti-idolatry. They don't want images of Muhammad worshipped as God. And to be honest, I don't think Muhammad wanted them to worship him as God. Now with all the weight they give to a cartoon of Muhammad, aren't they getting quite close to idolizing Muhammad themselves? Is this really what Muhammad would like them to do? Kill non-believers that don't believe what they believe?
I suspect that there are a lot of "cultural Muslims" out there who also don't and aren't willing to heed the advice of ""Whoever insults a Prophet kill him." If there were many more Muslims who truly followed that, then I suspect that we'd be seeing many more terrorist attacks than we already do.

When I say "cultural Muslims," I refer to those who were born and raised in a Muslim culture but who do not, for example, pray to Mecca every day or feast during Ramadan, who might sneak a drink now and then, etc. -- and it's been my experience that there are many of them.

I personally have no idea if the Muslim world is "missing a sense of humor" because I am not really part of that world. But it does make me remember the time that my Muslim boss had a work party and ended up getting so drunk that he table danced for everyone.

To answer your question... yes, I studied Philosophy and art history for quite some time (I'd like to point out, thought, that this was not originally brought up by me in this thread). Some of my studies focused on comparative religion and the philosophy of religion, but the majority of it focused on Eastern thought (Buddhism, Taoism, etc.), as I had planned/hoped to teach Eastern art.

I agree with what someone else wrote here, that they were most likely using their religion as an excuse to commit acts of violence. Why else is it that so many Muslims can follow Islam without resorting to violence, and yet some (thankfully, the minority) do? I don't think it is the religion alone that makes them violent. I'm sure there are many other factors involved.
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