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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

All head scarves have been banned in French school- not in France.
Girls cannot wear a simple scarf, coloured, with flowers, or whatever. Several of my Christian students in the UK wore headscarves btw (I think they were Plymouth brethren). Some of the best students, hardest working, polite and well behaved, were prevented from attending school if wearing any kind of head covering. Several Muslim students from my school were prevented from taking part in our French exchange- because they wore a scarf. Our best and keenest linguists. Which is why we stopped organising them.

Yes, Wooli, it is possible to succeed in France if you are Beur- but it is much much more difficult for them. I've had several Muslim assistantes from France staying with us in the UK, and it was disturbing to hear of their experiences- and they were 2nd generation, well integrated, perfect French, not wearing any special clothing. The way they were treated in the UK seemed like just a dream. Many stayed or came back to the UK, for that reason. (sorry Castro, posts crossed).

In the schools with which we organised exchanges- there were 2 sides obsessed with 'that little piece of fabric' - the far left and the far right- schools were full of them. The first time we came across this- the French students and teachers arrived by coach- and one teacher (feminist far left) came to say one of the students had not been able to come at the last minute because of a family bereavement. Our student was so disappointed, and so was the family who had redecorated a bedroom for the exchange student, and were really looking forward to this. We included our student in all the activities for the week- and told teachers she would be coming with us on the return leg. Teachers said the family would not be able to host- which seemed strange as the excuse was a 'bereavement'. So we asked them to find another family for her. I then phoned the teacher in charge every week (very right wing)- and he kept saying they wre unable to find a family. After 5 weeks, and the week before the exchange- I phoned the 6th Former who had stayed with us and told her what was happening. She knew the younger student well, as she'd tagged along to us for all the trips and acitivites. 5 mins later her mum phoned me back (I was going to be staying with them) and said Rashnee could come and stay with them too, the more the merrier.

I phone the teacher in charge with the good news. Response 'you can't do that - there is no way she is coming into our school with her scarf (simple coloured scarf)- if she does, we, all the staff, will walk out.

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