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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

Yes, Wooli, it is possible to succeed in France if you are Beur- but it is much much more difficult for them. I've had several Muslim assistantes from France staying with us in the UK, and it was disturbing to hear of their experiences- and they were 2nd generation, well integrated, perfect French, not wearing any special clothing. The way they were treated in the UK seemed like just a dream. Many stayed or came back to the UK, for that reason. (sorry Castro, posts crossed).[/QUOTE]

Not so much has changed really since I in 1972 in London discussed those matters with a nice Moroccan girl who had lived in Paris for two years. We both were united in being Paris-Lovers, but agreed that many French (a minority, but awful) are MEAN and unbearable, and that French Police (both the Police Municipale and the Gendarmerie Nationale, but even the Police Judiciaire) are definitely crap. The feeling for FAIRPLAY of the Brits can be praised

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I think someone here (Odile?) mentioned earlier that tensions between French Muslims and French non-Muslims have been pretty high. I also read that headscarves were banned in France, etc.*

This makes me wonder if these murderers had chosen the magazine not simply because of the images, etc. that it had published but more because it wanted the magazine to serve as a symbol for the anti-Muslim sentiments that are (perhaps?) so rampant in France... ?

You are heavily exaggerating (and factually wrong)
> France suffers from tensions between Arabs and Continentals, between various groups of Euro-Arabs, between leftists and rightwingers, between Corsicans and others, between Basques and others, between 2nd-generation-pied-noirs and others B U T reality is that these groups in daily reality live together and co-operate in peaceful co-existence. As François Mitterand in a famous speech outlined, the amalgamation of cultures in France DID lead to lots of problems but at the bottom made France a better place.
> Anti-Arab (anti-Muslim) Sentiments are NOT rampant in France but of course existing. Such sentiments also affect Arab Christians in France (many from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco) and Arab Jews (ex Morocco, etc)
> no, the Magazine was not chosen as a symbol of Anti-Muslim Sentiments as it never was anti-Muslim but to terrorize journalists.
> and two Facts at the end
- while Brits when hearing ISLAM very much have people from ex-British-India in mind, Muslims ** in France by 90%-plus are of Arab origin
- and many Arabs in France ** are Christians
** many of them are French citizens, many of them were born and grew up in France

another aspect is ethnics. The attackers apparently, in French, said about the policeman he is not Algerian and by that meant that he was of BERBER origin (roughly 50% of all Algerians are not of Arab but of Berber origin and his name gave him away) and Berbers are known to prefer French over Arabic

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