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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

The concerted and willful denial of the role of Islam does not help. I recognize the intent of this sentiment is to not offend. And I acknowledge that the vast majority of Muslims have very good hearts which they attribute to cultivating through Islam. But there is something rotten in it that really needs to be confronted. And it won't help to deny it. It is like enabling addict in a co-dependent relationship.

There is a power struggle going on within Islam itself for the hearts and minds of Muslims. It is a struggle for power and control. Charlie Hebdo is of about the least significance in this battle. But it was attacked as part of a revolutionary tactic. Textbook revolutionary tactic is to attack the center ground to polarize the population into two radical and extreme camps. Sending 3 or 4 guys for a psychological operation like this is quite easy and cheap for them score easy gains. Through this, they increase mindshare relevance for their cause, and they do gain support from the wider Muslim world. Hezbollah and the Shiites see this, as well as al-Sisi. They are on the other side of this faction.

I do believe modernized Muslims are also keenly aware of this, and are ready to talk about it. I've spoken to many. They are just at a loss of what to do about it. One the one hand, they know there is something wrong. On the other, they don't have the tools to speak up and address it.

Make no silly mistake. This is in fact a Muslim problem, and it is rooted in Islam. Muslims need our help, but not in an intervening way. If anything, they need moral support in confronting this. But this can only be addressed by Muslims themselves. The West is only a side-topic in this power struggle, and the collateral damage. It would be a mistake to step into the middle of this as if it is all about us.
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