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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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Regardless of what religion these murderers followed, it was their free will that caused them to commit these acts. The entire religion of Islam does not deserve to be blamed for the acts of a few of its misguided followers, just as the entire religion of Christianity (for example) should not be blamed if some freak decides to bomb an abortion clinic.

These murderers (probably) wanted to be martyrs. I think we should not grant them that wish by allowing what they did to cause even more tensions between the Muslim and the non-Muslim world.
Ahhh, that is your agenda. Well of course. I thought you were interested in the Truth.

Well, that is all fine with me, as long as you aren't trying to sell sugar-coated versions of dangerous ideas. Peace is good. But you ought to know though, we aren't ignorant teenagers here.

Then I'll just finally add that Muslims should address the violent side of Islam. I really do say this out of love for them. They are first and foremost injured by this before anybody else.
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