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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

Er... hang on a minute. I've just spent the last four days being told that Free Speech is absolute.

Now you tell me that apparently it's not.

So what gives? Are we all Charlie, or are some of us less Charlie than others?
Free speech is absolute where it does not infringe on other absolute rights. Like the right to physical liberty. That's absolute until you start to murder and steal and then your physical liberty must be constrained. It's quite farcical to draw the conclusion that physical liberty doesn't exist or doesn't much exist though. From a practical point of view you can walk where you want during your morning stroll.

just above you mentioned being a Jew is not a preference... so do you realise how it reads now?!?
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Wait what? Being Christian or Muslim is a preference but being a Jew isn't?

That's a new one for me...
Although it's mainly true. You can convert to Judaism but it so hard and so rarely done, and the fact that Judaism does not recognise apostasy (if you convert to Islam, Judaism will still always recognise you as Jewish so you're in trouble with god if you then go and eat prawns) means that in a practical and historical sense it's much more an ethnicity than a religion which is why there are so few Jews (it's like being Catalan, you can become so but not really in practise)

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Or be killed - as is the punishment for apostasy under Islam.
Please don't equate "random shit I googled from the Qoran" with "Islam".

Personally, I think that holocaust denial should be completely legal everywhere. And watching Jews and faux liberals trip over themselves to explain away why showing Mahammed being raped is OK but Nazi-esque big-nose caricatures of Jews isn't is just embarrassing.

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Well believe it or not cartoons insulting the prophet offend regular Muslims as well as the extremists.
Nobody offends regular Muslims. Regular Muslims get offended. Meditate on the difference and you'll understand western liberal values.
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