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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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the drawing of any direct nexus between rights and responsibilities is philosophically dangerous and just simply not accurate, at least as the notion of "rights" is recognized in most of the western world. the exercise of a right may come with consequences, that is unquestionable, but those consequences do not derive from a breach of responsibility and in fact more often than not bear no nexus to a breach of responsibility at all.

put another way, I have no obligation whatsoever to exercise my right to freedom of expression "responsibly", and to suggest otherwise is dangerous and, candidly, a recipe for totalitarianism. I certainly have a responsibility to accept the reasonable and rational consequences of my exercise of my right to freedom of expression, e.g. being called an asshole or having people refuse to purchase my newspaper, but that is a different matter altogether.
Did you watch the video and read Will Self's article, honestly they are very enlightening. Yes, I agree the right to free speech is essential in a democracy, but that with any right comes responsibilities too.

But, again, if one can lampoon Islamists (and Charlie Hebdo has often gone much further and insulted Islam and all Muslims - not only Islamists/ISIS, etc) then surely so can one do so with zionists (and Jews and Judaism). As said, either you do, or you don't.

farmadoc, the Charlie Hebdo cartoonist was sacked (one of the founder members) for mocking the 'quick pseudo' conversion to Judaism by Sarkozy in order to marry the heiress of a multi-million empire (Darty supermarkets/electricals), way before he became President btw. I've known many people to have had 'quick' and in the case of my mil, definitely pseudo, conversions to Islam to be able to marry and be part of the family and community.
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