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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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i think you misunderstand. in fact it doesn't have to be france and it doesn't have to be these particular men, exactly- i hate to say it but we've seen it and we'll see it again with people who grew up in the us, the uk or where ever else. this time it happens to be france but there are other places ripe for this, i'm sure. i think, in fact, that it isn't religion pushing these men to do this. religion they weren't brought up in and religion they weren't following when committing these murders- i tend to think people that fall for any kind of radicalism are searching for something.and here everyone is so obsessed about the religion, the tie to it and the doctrine of it- but certainly these men would've ended up thugs and killers under any guise

of course they have free will, but a conscience- there are plenty of people without that. my point is that plenty of boys/men, and as we see women too, fall for this belief that it is their mission, their purpose or their destiny or at least that they have nothing to lose and something to gain. it's a dangerous one and now that others have seen that these men did just that- there will, i fear, be plenty prepared to do the same.
No, I didn't misunderstand. I replied to this comment, and I think I was quite spot on.
think actually the big problem here is that these men- french men, two of whom were raised, much of their childhood, in french institutions with such little hope, support and preparation for the future that they fall so easily into a regime that can convince them to murder innocent people, including fellow muslims (if this is religiously motivated) and that their own lives have such little value as well as the lives of others. the fact that these men, raised in france and not before religious, can be so disillusioned by their own propects as to go this far and fall for something so evil- is frightening and tragic and a far more serious and real problem.
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They grew up in France, for goodness' sake, not in Sudan. No hope? Really? (access to a home, clothes, food, school, social assistance, etc etc etc etc....)
Everyone has free will and a conscience, Amaraya.

Even I personally felt really sorry for them, I can't blame the French society - most probably the did whatever they could for these "kids". Such an absurd situation.
Though I agree not everyone has a conscience, even though they're supposed to.
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