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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

I think that humans always have -- and quite likely always will -- (mis)interpret their religions according to their own nature, whether that be violent or non-violent. This is why, for example, you have plenty of Islamic scholars who maintain that Islam is a religion of peace and that jihadists are not "true Muslims" and why some Muslims do use their religion to try to justify violence. Plenty of Christians have done that as well, throughout the course of human history. The Bible is also certainly not so "forgiving."

Was it really that long ago that some cultures here in the West were doing things such as:

  • Torturing and burning women alive, irrationally accusing them of being "witches"
  • Accusing, practically en masse, someone of heresy for having written a book about evolution
  • Not allowing women to vote
  • Justifying the enslavement of an entire race of human beings
Yes, thankfully, we seem to be finally advancing in that we are no longer using religion or other dogmas to justify violence (or are we?). But I think that before we can even begin to attack the beliefs of other cultures and religions, we need to first consider our own history, which certainly hasn't been "spotless."

My only hope is that, in time, the Muslim world as a whole will also stop using its religion to justify violence (and discrimination, etc.). But I do not think that is something that can logically be enforced upon another country/belief system, since it is often human nature to go against that which we perceive as a threat to our own ideologies. Because of this, I do think that, in many ways, we in the West do have our hands tied when it comes to making racial changes in Islamic states. That is something that they are, most likely, going to have to work out on their own. Perhaps the best we can do, at this point, is to not go out of our way to piss them off or offend them, because I suspect that is only going to work opposite of what we should truly be hoping to achieve.
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