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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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When muslims are told that the problem lies within their own religion, they might start reforming it and changing it for the better. While Cameron and Obama insist that Islam exemplifies the most peaceful fairy tail in the world, what incentives would ordinary Muslims have to change their religion, as it is already perfect ?
Did you read the link I put earlier about Muslims, Muslim communities and leaders, Imams' horror at the events in Paris and elsewhere. Explaining what Jihad truly means and putting words in context- and 100% declaring the young men who committed those crimes and others in the name of Jihad are totally deluded and distorting the true meaning of the Koran.

Most religions, and indeed political writings and philosophies can be totally distorted, out of context, by the wrong people and the wrong reasons. Thes young men had not been brought up in a Muslim family anyhow- and it is possible that they never ever studied the Koran, but just had bits stuffed in their heads out of context.

Again- even if we agree with your statements about Islam- what do you propose to do about it- say in France? Stop your (racist) rhetoric- and give me your solutions, you way forward. HOW WOULD YOU GO ABOUT IT?

Here is the link again- since then of course, there have been 1000s more from all over the world- and guess what, Fox News still has not found them!

46 examples of Muslim outrage about Paris shooting that Fox News can’t seem to find
Every time an extremist who is Muslim commits an act of terrorism, people ask where the moderate Muslim voices condemning violence are. (Interestingly, as a Jew, I don’t usually get...

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