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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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Neither has any rational Muslim acted on the similar passages in the Koran.

All totalitarian ideologies, be it fascism, stalinism, religious fundamentalism, don't have reason behind it. But what they have in common are twisted and dare I say, evil, axioms. If you start from these axioms, and lock away reason, you can use them to "justify" almost any extreme act.

Many commenters then confuse this twisted logic with the belief that this represents the actual reasoning of hundred of millions of people.
All this bollocks about rational Muslims. How can you explain why there are so many terrorists, if they're all nutters? In many different countries all over the world and living under different circumstances. There is no evidence to support higher levels of psychological illness among terrorists. Nor any evidence to support a link between poverty and personal situation to likelihood to commit acts of terrorism. The ONLY thing that they have in common is their religion.
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