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Bibi said that Israel will be the homeland for ALL jewish people in the world. His friend Lieberman also said that Israel should be for jews only and all others (palestinian muslims, christians) should live outside Israel. So both are anti-semitic?
no. Both are wrong.

Two French students. One of them says:

I will never go to Israel other than as a tourist. I don't feel linked in any way to the state of Israel. I strongly disapprove of the Israeli government's policy towards the Palestinians. If I have to emigrate it will not be to Israel.
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For a little context, what is not shown in the clip is the fact that she introduced herself as an Israeli who is now resident in Paris. This must have stuck in his mind which is why he blurted out the statement. That makes him a bit of a bumbling fool but certainly not an anti-semite.
No, it makes him an antisemite and no context is necessary and watching you trip over yourself to excuse him in a bit cringeworthy. She said the situation harked back to France of the 1930s and his response was to introduce Israel.

Many critics though of Israel's policy would suggest that the Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well'

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