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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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I'm afraid that this is giving the impression that the United States is more worried about not offending Muslims or Muslim allies than supporting France. There may have been only a fraction of the number of people killed than at the WTC, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania, but make no mistake---1/7 (or 7/1) is France's 9/11.
I can't imagine anyone doubting US and French commitment to their friendship. We have political capital to not show up. Despite Obama and brain damaged liberals, the US will not be going Sharia anytime soon. I think the US absence makes it clear that this is about western civilization, not a secretive US agenda.

Besides, it may have been more divisive and diminishing for the US to attend. The key message here was French unity. The government needs all the political capital it can scrounge up, as some upcoming measures may be unpopular.
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