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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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Yeah, I see you have as much trouble with diversity and free speech.

Unlike humorist satire, FoxNews is more like action-adventure satire in the tone of Jack Bauer 24. I wouldn't call it news. It is editorial and infotainment. But as such, it does bring up valid points and questions that are not addressed by the Government's talking point. It is just as essential we also have these in a democracy. Would you like gunmen to attack there too?
Well I get your point about free speech. But for me, advocating hatred and requesting the indiscriminate killing of whomever may be considered, for whatever reason, by whomever- should not really be part of so called free speech. Judge Janine, in her violent tirade, was advocating just that. She did remind me of the histerical hate speeches made by Hitler and others. Did you see it? Perhaps someone could re-post it here.

It is tempting in her case, but no, I would not like gunmen to attack her or Fox News. But forgive me for strongly believing that talking to people who truly believe Fox News is the only source of truth, is seriously worrying, to say the least. And 100 of 1000s believe that, Tea Party and more.

I rarely agree with David Cameron, but I was glad to hear that even him 'choked on his porridge' when hearing the rubbish and lies vomitted out by Fox news.

Here is the lovely creature, now you tell me :
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