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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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if by "we" you mean the US, we actually have no concept of "hate speech", and nor should we. in terms of the link, of course the speaker is a complete nutjob but what she was actually advocating (in between spouts of drooling and shouting) was a US refusal to do business with countries that harbor terrorists, and more funding by the US of Muslim entities who fight against terrorism - neither of which are terribly earth-shattering or unpopular notions. she intends to kill radical Muslims, although of course she probably has very little idea as to how to distinguish a radical Muslim from any other Muslim.
If it could be proved that someone killed some other because of her speech, couldn't FoxNews be sued in a class-action for damages? I can't imagine FoxNews recklessly skirting the law at the risk of such massive financial loss.

I wouldn't mind seeing Murdoch go broke. I like seeing the arrogant humbled.
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