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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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Is it just me or is there something lacking here?

Doesn't a policeman who is killed while on duty normally get a grand funeral with the coffin carried by uniformed colleagues and all the pomp of office?

It could be of course that the family didn't want that?
Article states Hollande placed the flag on the coffin, and this is after some official ceremony.

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I believe there are some sects of protestantism who do also forbid images.

I understand some Amish groups object to having their picture taken for example.
There have been periods of iconoclasm when protestants tore down any statues and images around churches. While there are some religious reasoning around these actions, such as the veneration of saints, I also wonder if it was teutonic revulsion over Italian gawdiness.

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In Islam they not only take the prohibition very seriously but also the depiction of all humans and animals is discouraged.
There have been periods in history where it was allowed in Islamic art. But which parts of it are interpretation of scripture, and simply tradition. Surely there have been different developments of thoughts around the various schools. The gist of my question is if this outrage over the caricatures are mainly one particular sect of Islam, one principle verse and its interpretation, or all simply a matter of tradition.

I just wonder if these cartoons truly incense all 1.x billion Muslims, or just being exaggerrated by an opportunistic few.
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