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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

If she was just a 'nutter with a personal grudge' - yes. But this is the point Russel makes, is that what she says is very deliberate and calculated- and part of the Murdoch empire propaganda machine- for all sorts of sinister reasons, as explained.
Its not really as simple as that. There are people, believe it or not, who find Islam in itself to be an outright threat. I know some people whose families have been direct victims of sectarian violence in there past. I've heard it from people from India and Southeast Asia. I've also heard stories from local Serbs. I've also heard from many Lebanese who tell of how Beirut was like the Paris of the Middle East until the rise of a violent form of Islam destroyed everything. Their narrative is real, and not imagined. In the context of today's events, there are people who are freaked out by Islam, yet we kind of set them aside and label them Islamophobes. When situations like these arise, they find an opportunity to blurt out. I suspect Judge Jeannie is from this kind of Lebanese background.
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