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Re: Moving to CH for 1 yr; bring our aggressive cat?

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The only thing I would be worried is at the airport, if you need to take the cat out of the carrier.

Maybe talk with a vet that knows your cats and how to handle them.
THIS. [alas, the former, not the latter]

My wife had to remove our cat from a soft underseat carrier, passing through security, and she [the cat] has a history of biting with little provocation. No psychotic breaks, but a good chomp to keep her chattel in line.

Your cat has a much higher chance of ending up on the news, from the sound of it.


As for talking to the vet:

Search for other cat transport threads, and you will find much of what you need. Some people pass through customs without their animal, paperwork being requested, but my wife was asked for papers, and thankfully had everything in order.

Kitty needed updated rabies, assorted immunizations, and these have to be complete precisely within the 30 days prior to your trip. And if that is not inconvenient, a visit with a USDA approved vet for a final health check within 10 days prior departure.

There are products out there worth considering. Some calming sprays [besides feliway], a similar product in collar form, dog pads for indoor use [you will want this in the carrier{and then pray they don't go, they probably won't}] Also, sedation. I imagine there are options for popping a pill or a dropper, just long enough to get kitty on the plane, if not longer.

I would maaaaaybe consider foster options, goto costco or sam's club, get food for the year, shell out 500-1000 for incidentals, and come back to kitty afterward.

By the way, what brings your to Switzerland, time for introduction , ah, just looked up your posts, .., Enjoy!
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