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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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Another awful article by someone who doesn't understand liberal values or the concept of free speech. But first, Batman, to he credentials!

Does it not bother you to see Barack Obama – who demanded that Yemen keep the anti-drone journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye behind bars, after he was convicted on “terrorism-related charges” in a kangaroo court – jump on the free speech ban wagon? Weren’t you sickened to see Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of a country that was responsible for the killing of seven journalists in Gaza in 2014, attend the “unity rally” in Paris? Bibi was joined by Angela Merkel, chancellor of a country where Holocaust denial is punishable by up to five years in prison, and David Cameron, who wants to ban non-violent “extremists” committed to the “overthrow of democracy” from appearing on television
Horrific figures of anti-freedom attended the rally (Obama didn't but he did bad stuff, promise). The leaders of Germany (Freedom House ranking 1), Britain (Freedom House ranking 1), Israel (Freedom House ranking 1.5). How they hate freedom with their democracies and many (not unlimited) free speech guarantees. Mentioning the attendence of Russia (Freedom House ranking 5.5), Turkey (Freedom house ranking 3.5) and Palestine (unranked) would surely spoilt the point and further his "as a Muslim" credentials.

And he's further missing the point. The reason, the only reason why CH didn't make fun of the holocaust or 9/11 was that they couldn't find a joke there. Not that they happened or Mohammed didn't. But that they found the idea of a desert illiterate giving rise to a giant religion that (CH saw) as doing a lot of blowing themselves up as funny. Again, the anti-semites will say "why didn't they make fun of Jews" but of course they did, prolifically, with Nazi caricatures galore.

And once more - freedom of speech means, most simply, freedom to insult. Because fundamentally, you can't give an insult, you can only take one. People can choose to be insulted about any random thing. The non-Muslims of Europe could get together in a club, call it a religion and decide they worship Mohammed as a deity of their new religion and they get insulted when his picture isn't published on the front cover of ever paper, ever day.

You can't pander to these idiots who are "insulted". Bring it all out into the open. Holocaust denial too by the way. Let's see where these people are, who laughs, who doesn't.
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