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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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Not really, Charlie Hebdo has faced over a dozen lawsuits from Christian groups on similar grounds.
Some of the drawings directed at the Church are truly vulgar, I would personally be embarrassed to be seen holding a copy.

Indeed- as said, I grew up with Hari-Kiri, the predecessor to Charlie Hebdo- and always found ti so vulgar and gratuitous, and so mysoginist too. Wolinsky of course was Jewish, born in North Africa and served in the Algerian war. Perhaps one of the reasons Sené was got rid of due to lampooning of some aspects of Judaism and Israeli politics.

Wolinsky was a regular at the Auberge du Soleil in Petit Saconnex in Geneva, and local friends always said how badly he treated women, always touching up the waitresses and making lewd comments. Some of his drawings made jokes about rape, and women asking for it. Can remember one cartoon of a naked well built blonde, held upside down on a stake by 2 black africans 'natives' taking her to the cooking pot. One of them says 'shall we rape her a bit first' and the other replies 'nah it spoils the taste' and the woman saying 'yes, yes, yes'! Never found it funny myself even all those years ago.

As Castro says, the Catholic Church has complained about CH in the Press and the courts.

An interesting case testin the concept of Free Speech- Dieudonné. Now I am not fond of the guys style as a rapper and comic- but the other day he was arrested and an injunction put on him for saying 'I am Charlie Coulibaly' (The Vincennes killer). And he says 'where is my free speech'- why can't I say that I feel differently to the Charlier crowed? He is supposed to do a show on 27th of January in Fontainemelon in Val-de-Ruz above Neuchâtel- it would have normally attracted a few 100- but it will be interesting to see what will indeed happen.

The police and politicians there are totally unprepared for the event. So free speech for some, free speech for all- free speech ???

In the meantime- people who would have never ever have even given a glance to Charlie Hebdo are fighting for them at the kiosks as souvenirs and 'investments' - some already selling on e-bay, etc, for large sums!!! What is that all about? The whole thing is turning into a farce.

The reason I mentioned the UK yesterday? Well because it is pretty close to France, and because Charlie Hebdo is going on sale there today- and it is likely to 'stir feelings'. And no, lives will not be at risk due to the large Muslim population in the UK, but due to a small proportion of Islamist possible Jihadist that may be lurking there. Should the majority of peaceful Muslims in the UK then be tarred with the same brush? And the lives of Muslims maybe put at risk by stirring hatred the other way round- with the hot heads (mirror image) of the EDL (English Defense League) ready to pounce (difficult to aportion 'fear' as such, but those guys scare me more).

In the meantime, what is 'wrong' with this photo? Or who is missing and why?

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