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Re: Aftermath of SNB EUR Peg Discontinuation - Would you be happy to take a 20% pay c

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That's the problem wuth speculation Odile, income in 1 currency expenses in another. I can't think you ever believed your UK pension was in any way pegged to the CHF so its hardly a surprise. Most people who move when they retire choose to retire somewhere with a cheaper cost of living, you chose to retire in the most expensive country in the world.
Well I am not complaining- just sayin' Good job we bought our old house when we did- and for the rest- we will just adjust accordingly- as we've always done, through good and bad times- that's ok. Much bigger shock in the 80s when our mortgage went up to 19.5% in the UK, just as we'd just bought a much bigger house (perhaps beyond our means- all turned out very well in the end).

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