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Re: Driving via Gotthard tunnel - never again!

Drove the San Barnardino Pass today after I took a disliking to the Gotthard tunnel traffic queue.

Word of warning, if you see cloud cover up to your right from the autobahn/ Gotthard south services and decide to take the San Barnardino Pass, use extreme care!!!

It was open today but then again in places it was extremely hairy with visibility down to 5/10m, which is no fun when you have a 2nd gear 180 degree hairpin coming up with little warning until you approach it. So if you are of weak will or do not have nerves of steel don't touch it!

Luckily I had GPS which forewarned me of any impending doom/hairpins in zero visiblity .

Cleared up at the top and coming down the other side wasn't so bad!

I reckon a beautiful drive in summer but dangerous as hell this time of year, some complete nutters on that road.

As I say unless you are completely sure of your driving skills, do not touch it, if it looks iffy. (I did question my sanity at several points today!!!)
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