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Re: Thinking about moving to England - where would you live (or not live!) and why??

I have 3 kids, eldest moved back to England for University this year, the middle one would be going into english 6th Form at the start of the next school year (or if we stay will go into 11th grade), the youngest would be in primary school for another couple of years. I haven't worked since my eldest was borm, and then we left England in 1998 and have lived abroad ever since. Youngest two kids seem in favour of living in England for the first time. I would like to go back to work, although I'm not looking for any sort of high powered career! Husband may stay here temporarily until he finds a job back in the UK and commute weekends (he really likes Switzerland). I haven't put where I am from, as I just wanted ideas of where might be nice to live, and where people would say to avoid!
Thanks for all the ideas so far, a couple of them I have thought about, the more southern options not so much!
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