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Re: Avoid "Good Dog" by Pet Organics

Yikes! This seems like a remedy for a lazy dog owner. Dog socialization or a good long walkies each day really goes far to calming a dog. 'A tired dog is a good dog'…
And it speaks volumes about how we think our food products are 'uncontrolled', they haven't even scratched the surface of examining or regulating what goes into dog food. So I think it's up to us to do the research on food before we decide what to feed our dogs. Having worked in the industry, I gave up on not finding the right ingredients, so now we are on home cooked meals with a protein, a veg and some yogurt. I also do homemade supplements like egg shells for extra calcium and minerals. And make sure she gets a bone sometimes for nutrients. This might not be for everyone, but she loves it and her coat, teeth, health are great. Only thing is her energy level increased dramatically, so a give her a tablespoon of complex carbs to slow the digestive process, whole oats, brown rice….I do the extra calcium as I found out dogs need 10x more calcium (relative to size) than humans because how much they use their legs and joints and the stress….