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Re: Non EU B permit holder partner can study in Switzerland

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Dear Friends,

I am new to this forum

I am Non EU & indian citizen holding B-permit in Konton st. gallen, already I have finished one year in my present employer. Now I am going to get marry an Indian girl & bring her to Switzerland in couple of months.

I have few clarifications regarding my partner permit.

a. What type of permit my partner will receive?
b. Whether she can able to work with this permit? ( She is B.E. electronics & IT background experience)
c. She wants to peruse her education in Switzerland, so she can study with this permit?
d. She is planning to do her MBA in HR, Please suggest us recognized universities in Switzerland.
a. Non-EU Permits - a few bullet points.
b. yes, as long as your employment is not project related
c. yes
d. all Swiss universities are recognised. You are in SG so you must know at least one . Does your future wife speak German?
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