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Re: CHF/EUR exchange rate on goods on order

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I cannot recall when the euro rose 18% against the CHF, or imagine when it is ever likely to. I have bought furniture before here and asked to be invoiced in euros. Should have done that this time too.

As an importer the retailer should have bought euros forward to avoid fluctuations. This would be understandable, but not a reason they have used. They are simply pocketing the rather plump difference...
I cannot imagine many Swiss importers on this scale hedge, partly they don't understand, partly it is too small as you never really know wha tyou need from one day to the next, but mostly complacency. They all heard SNB say peg wasn't going to change and beleived them and just carried on, biz as normal.....

As you bought in CH, paid in CH, when you placed your order i guess the importer did the same and maybe he also paid up front 100% for whatever reason.

I think you'll have difficulty, probably as much difficulty as you will have going back to him to buy something else....
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