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iTunes Credit Card Fraud

Just a quick warning. When looking over my credit card statement this week I noticed a number of iTunes transactions which I couldn't remember making. I then looked at the costs and they ran 100 chf, 100 chf, 48 chf... all in all over 750 chuffs has been rinsed off my card. I cross checked it with my iTunes account and there was no notification or record of anything being bought.

I've cancelled the card and both iTunes and the credit card company are investigating so I expect to get a full refund. Just thought I'd warn you in case any of you are like me and don't normally pay that much attention to your credit card statement.

A quick Google has shown this has happened to others and every case I read about was refunded in full. I just wonder if you were going to do some credit card fraud, why on earth would you use it to buy stuff of iTunes?!
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