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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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in no way do I think that being unenlightened or unintelligent is the same thing as being violent or jihadist. in fact, violence is more often than not initiated by some of the most enlightened and intelligent people around.
I'm glad you've clarified this. It's one of the things that makes me chuckle whenever people accuse me of being politically correct for defending ordinary Muslims from some of the idiotic islamophobic tripe that gets thrown at them (hey, I defend my mates - doesn't everyone? OK, maybe not Bernadette Cumberland any more, but, well...).

Anyway, I've known a lot of Muslims in my time, and spent many happy years living in predominantly Muslim areas (happy because of the easy, round the clock availability of curry and kebabs - nothing to do with "vibrant diversity" and all that bollocks). I've never once seen or heard of a no-go zone - on the contrary, when I was living in Manchester, the Muslim district was positively heavenly compared to some of the districts nearby. I have, however, met an awful lot of profoundly stupid, ill-educated and bigoted Muslims. Lots of them, from all kinds of places - British Muslims, Libyan Muslims, Pakistani Muslims, Bangladeshi Muslims, Syrian Muslims, Turkish Muslims... Some of the crap I've heard would make your toes curl. But I doubt any of them is an active supporter of jihad. Sure, a fair number of them probably wouldn't mind seeing an Islamic state set up in Birmingham or Manchester, but they're likely to put as much effort into that as I might put into setting up a British colony in Glarnerland. They've got jobs and families and wallpapering and phone bills and washing up to worry about first.

Likewise, I've known plenty of Irish-descended Brits and Americans who want to see Ireland united. Does that make them IRA supporters? Well, maybe, in the loosest sense possible. Hardly a crime, though, is it? We've all got a right to pipe dreams and stupid thinking.

It's really important, in the context of Islamic extremism, to separate "being a criminal" from simply "being an idiot". I'll defend the latter as long as I can be bothered. The former, on the other hand, can all go hang in Jordanian prisons.

It might be a nice distinction for some of our more bombastic members, but it's a distinction upon which our entire culture is built. Sort of. When it suits.

Here's to the idiots amongst us!
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