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Re: Swiss 'Fish' species racism!

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What is wrong with FISH Swiss people?

Why are Swiss people so racist against fish?

Whenever I cook fish it's always "uuuugh, the smell is horrible"..or "nicht Gern" blah blah blah..

...there are very few proper seafood restaurants in any city which is strange when you have France as a neighbour, just some poxy lakeside fish restaurants with ONLY (yes you guessed) lakeside fish dishes and no other decent meer frucht on the menu.

I will however compliment this country on its 'Frutti Di Mare' Pizza's and all other meat and vegetable produce available in the supermarkets, and even seafood you can buy (like crevetten for salads, lachs, etc) but again, how to make Swiss people disappear from a communal barbecue, stick some grill fish on it (which I might say, when I'm annoyed with them periodically, I do).

I'm thinking about starting a campaign group 'Stop Fish racism in Switzerland' ...poor things!

Ues, entirely agree.
We have an elderly Swiss friend who says she doesn't like fish because

"us fischelet" whatever that means. Do they not realise how healthy is fish?
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