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Re: Swiss 'Fish' species racism!

I really hope the post above was supposed to be in jest.

So much of the fish here is just terrible. Is it rotten? Technically, no. Is it truly fresh? No. Most of what's on display at grocers (including Globus) is just ordinary frozen seafood that they thawed out. (Of course, if it's frozen, which can be good quality, I'd rather thaw it at my convenience, rather than them thawing it and having it sit there going off at the store before you buy it...)

That said, indeed, the Swiss are generally put off by even the tiniest bit of fishiness (that's what they mean when they say "es fischelet"). It's just that they weren't brought up with it. So just as many Asians are put off by strong cheese odors that people here appreciate, the Swiss are put off by fish smells that others appreciate. It's just a matter of acquired tastes, exposure, and upbringing.
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