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Re: Swiss 'Fish' species racism!

Spot on BM- being a landlocked country, Swiss people are not used to eat strong sea fish. Perch filets and palée, mild lake fish, and pike (which has quite a strong taste many Swiss do not like) and salmon are ok, but stronger sea fish was not available here until recently, and certainly not part of the eating habits of the Swiss, especially not the older generation.

Before refrigerated lorries and cheaper flights- Switzerland was just too far away to safely import fish or shellfish, mussels, etc. By the time they would have arrived here they would have been rotten. The only decent fish shops arrived here with the Spanish and Portuguese immigrants in the 80s. So calling this 'fish' racism is just stupid, really- and shows little understanding of the geography and culture of Switzerland.

It is the same all over the world- food you grow up with are easier to eat than foods from the other side of the world for some- although they may be very attractive to some, especially those who have travelled a lot and enjoyed for those foods elsewhere (curry in the UK seems to be the exception, for some reason). They love tripe here, and bulls' testicles, and brains, black pudding made with blood only- etc- which may well seem horrendous to others who are not used to eating offal, etc.
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