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Re: Swiss 'Fish' species racism!

There was a very well established fish-running line between Genoa and Zurich throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, so I have no idea where this notion of Swiss people not eating sea fish comes from.

The "Fischträger" were athletic young men who would gather at the harbour as the boats returned, scrambling to bargain for the best deals on fish (fist fights and stabbings were not uncommon), before running over the Alps to deliver their wares to the market on Limmatquai in Zurich. The best, most well-paid runners could make the journey in 36 hours, although 2 - 3 days was a more usual time. As they reached the top of the Gotthard they would pack the fish in snow and ice to keep it fresh for the last leg through Uri and Schwyz.

The opening of the Gotthard tunnel put an end to their trade as fish could be carried more quickly and cheaply by rail.

Fischli! Fischli! Frisch ufem Tischli!
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