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Re: Swiss 'Fish' species racism!

Yes, even now, most Perch fillets are imported from Eastern Europe. But again, this is very mild and delicate fish, and mostly lake fish.

No idea what Wähe is.... edit- so I do now that you have edited your post and added a photo. As my father was Catholic but didn't eat fish- we always had, as most Catholics here, 'Gateau au fromage' (cheese pie) followed by fruit tart, whatever was in season and cheap, or in winter 'seiche' (pastry cooked with sugar and butter on top) or on special occasions, condensed milk tart! A whole large tin of condensed milk poured on the pastry and cooked till golden.

Forgot to mention trout as fish regularly eaten here when I was a kid. Our local Jura rivers are brilliant for trout fishing- my dad used to tickle them to catch them. In our village, they used to be much larger than now, as all the butchers and the abattoir used to be by the rivers, and all the waste went straight into the river- the trout were big and fat, and lazy.
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