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Re: Dreadlocks and Professionalism

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Just to update this thread. I went to Cambden and was told for a whole head of hair it would cost me 250 pounds. At a recommended place in Zurich, it will cost from 800 to 1200 CHF.

I had the first of 2 appointments about 2 weeks ago regarding the different options possible, and have booked an appointment for a month from now to have them done. Not the whole head.

I have decided it is not about anyone else but me. Even if afterwards I change my mind, and even if no one likes them, it's something I want to do, and that's what is most important. If I decide I don't like them, and want them out, there is always going back to this for a few months...
CRIMINEY, that's expensive! All you really need is a couple of flea combs (Seriously), a couple of (anal-retentive) friends and a 12-pack of beer. You sit on the floor and your friends segregate your hair into sections about 3cmx3cm (plus or minus depending on your taste), rubber band your hair to keep it segmented. When it comes to doing the dread, pull the hair straight up, tamp the base of it down with the flea comb, pull the beginning of the dread up, twist clockwise, tamp down again, pull up, twist anticlockwise and tamp back down.

Took us about 5 hours or so and I had BABY fine hair. You'll need hair wax for the first few weeks to keep it neat and can get it wet (But try to avoid to). Don't use any other hair products on it.

I'll warn you, though. Your scalp will be sore as hell when you're done, but it will look awesome. I had dreads about the size of a large pencil and they maintained beautifully.
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