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Big girls need to suck it up

I just saw this article in the 20min had to rant about it.

The jist of it is that big girls are feeling left out that Victorias Secret doesn't offer large undies. Hey, if they don't have what you want, buy someplace else. (logically they must be doing this already anyhow) Cast your economic vote for the company that can fulfill your needs instead of wining about it. Someone is quoted saying that their money is good enough to buy victorias secret, but since they can only buy lotion and not undies, that their body is not good enough. YES! That is exactly what they are saying, so what are you going to do about it? Obviously these people are jealous because they also want to look sexy in some vic sec undies but instead of doing something themselves they are complaining and hoping to change this company's product range.

Then the next step is to of course complain about the fashion show because all of the models are thin. I am no marketing guru, but this tactic would have been covered in marketing 101. Then they ask some expert his opinion who says: (read this part with a really pompous nerdy voice) well this will cause certain people to develop eating disorders. Hey, just a though, perhaps the person who fills themselves with food because they are depressed has ALREADY developed an eating disorder.

And to return to the topic of marketing it is clear that Victorias Secret has a path and knows what they are doing. There may be a huge void in the underwear business for bigger girls. But I can only imagine that this would be a huge challenge. Hey for shits and giggles lets say its a huge success, Stephanie's Secret successfully makes sexy undies for big girls. What do you say when the thin girls start complaining that Stephanie's only has plus sizes?

So to wrap this up. These complainers should be doing one of two things other than crying about it. 1) slim down yourself because deep down you wish you had the body of the victorias secret model. and because being excessively big is truly unhealthy. or 2) buy undies somewhere else.

Now I already knew when I typed the title that copious amounts of groans would be headed my way, and I have purposely laid down a heavy dose of "hatin on big girls" mostly to amuse myself. I just wanted to clarify that I truly do not care if someone is big or small. I just hate cry babies.
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