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Re: Bmw oil change for chf1,000 ?! - advice please

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you misunderstand what I'm saying, all the crap settles at the bottom, now unless your Vacuume hose is some kinda clever robotic hose its not going to stuck every nook and cranny in the sump, think sucking a thick milkshake in a tall glass with a thin straw, there is always something left in the bottom, so you refill the oil, and that crap is now free to circulate again, and thats if the oil monkey bothered to do his job properly in the first place. Sump plug removed and let it drain gives you way less chance or anything being left in there, a bit of engine flush and refill FTW
I'm sorry but what is the difference between this vacuum and a gravitational flow? If anything, faster flow will take more debris with it so less will be left at the sides of the sump...Additionally, you can then use flushing liquid and do it really quickly and environmentally friendly (no spillages of any kind, closed loop flushing). I really don't know what is this discussion about now? Vacuuming should also be cheaper in CH as it takes less time and effort (which cost a lot here).
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