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Re: Big girls need to suck it up

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[...] Tiredness is not, and never will be, an excuse for letting your health slide. Especially more so considering that energy levels are also directly related to your diet, which also affects your sleep cycles and quality.
You've never been REALLY tired, have you? Although, to be fair, I have often got to the point where you are so tired that you just don't eat, so that would "work" too, I guess. IIRC you smoke, which is probably as unhealthy as being obese and slowly but surely getting the same level of stigma. Yet smokers often seem to argue with "it's my personal choice" - while also complaining about the unfairness of not being able to smoke in bars and restaurants anymore. As an asthmatic I am THRILLED that smoking is banned inside - I basically almost never went out to party before because it would make me sick for two days.

I don't think you are a bad person because you smoke but I do tend to think there is a weakness with anyone who chooses to actively harm their body with any substance beyond what I call "a homeopathic level" (I'm shooting for a Friday "smoking-fat people-homeopathy hattrick here). A homeopathic level being something like the one Schoggistängeli at 4 o'clock, the very occasional cigarette when going out or the cigar you may enjoy with a nice glass of whisky once every few weeks. Smoking on a regular basis or plowing through an entire bar of chocolate every day - something not quite right but again, I don't assume that being a smoker affects how you do your job or that it serves as an indicator of anything other than maybe a slight selfishness if you are one of those smokers who just tosses their cigarette butts in the street or has me coughing furiously because you have built a wall of smoke in front of buildings that I have to enter/exit.

What relevance does a near-anorexic, 1.75m tall, 50KG lady have in this thread? That is not even a normal example of someone losing weight that any sane person would even consider following.
Quite a lot, actually. A lot of women that I know are engaged in a daily battle of trying to maintain an "acceptable" body. You think those stats are near-anorexic and out of the ordinary, yet I can tell you that a girl that I know who appeared in FHM was in fact 1.77m and 53kg at the time of the shoot, with around 18% body fat. I know this because I did the weighing and measuring. She would frequently exercise twice a day and tended to skip dinner - and she is one of the naturally slim individuals, nobody in her family is overweight and she has always been slim. So if someone like that has to battle to fit within those norms, then imagine what those whose bodies have embraced the "store every bit of food you can find, we may run out of mammoths any day now" 100% have to do?

It's my friend's job to look great in clothes and she still does ten years on, I find her a little too slender for my taste but she works so hard to get that result and I know she is definitely not anorexic, just a bit obsessive. I think the main thing is to stop assuming that your personal reality and experience matches others. Yes, I have to stop myself from staring at the guy on the bus who needs two seats, yet I don't feel revulsion, I feel sad for him because I know that he can't be comfortable and that something must have gone rather wrong at some point. Imagine being that big - where does one start if you want to lose weight? You may say "we need to prevent people from getting that big" - I agree, but telling those at risk that a) they are lazy and undisciplined and b) constantly projecting an unattainable ideal and suggesting that there is only one "proper" body type is basically only useful if you are a marketeer for snake oil and pipe dreams. This is why I think it's cool that they put Ashley Graham in Swimsuit Illustrated - showing a range of beauty is definitely a step in the right direction in my view.

ETA: Well done Richdog for quitting smoking, but there is no way I'm retyping all that Seriously though, well done.

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