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Big girls need to suck it up

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However if your anger here comes form being unhealthily overweight and being unable to lose it then fine, just do something about it...

My anger comes from the same old bullshit arguments about willpower, judgments about people based on appearance when you know nothing about anything else, total black and white thinking when it's not. If you know all the answers, why aren't you all famous doctors raking in the dough for helping people loose weight? Read some medical literature about this if you think it's so easy. And, loosing weight can be helpful, but not a panacea. This simplistic thinking makes me angry.

For example....i know loads of women with cancer. Some of them are active and healthy, vegans even. Some are thin and lazy, some are fat and active and everywhere in between. There is just no rhyme or reason. And when you look at the women dying, again some are obese, some are thin. It's so try to be healthy but it doesn't always matter.

A thread about consumerism could go so many ways, but here, it has to divert into judgemental bullshit about fat (mostly) women. If women spent more time thinking about important stuff and worrying less about this bulge and that bulge, the world would be a better place. I regret wasting my time in this thread.

But i agree with the OP. Why complain - shop elsewhere. There are lots of brands to accommodate all sorts of sizes. Better quality too.

Rant over. Does ignore work on tapatalk? I hope so.
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