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Re: Big girls need to suck it up

Read this:

Just as an example that obesity, and chronic diseases have complex similar root causes and not just stupid people making stupid choices.

It's not faux outrage, richdog, it's real.

Look at some of the research on eating disorder treatment, sucess rates of dieting and gastric bypass. Look at the obesity paradox in heart disease. Work on health at every size - some good, some bad. There's a bit of research on fat shaming and fat talk and how it doesn't help.

There is recent stuff about willpower as a more organized, thoughtful process e.g, the work of Baumeister, and that's very intriguing....but more complicated than thought originally.

Maybe you're gender blind, richdog, but it's not just you in this thread.

I don't see much evidence coming from you either. And i don't care, so have a nice weekend and actually, good for you for stopping smoking.
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