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Re: Big girls need to suck it up

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Who decides where the boundary between slightly overweight and proper obese is?
Erm... medical science?

What a bizzarre bloody quesiton.

Does it make a difference whether a person is not capable of keeping a figure that you approve of because of a lack of exercise or because of a medical condition when you judge them on the street without knowing the cause? The point is that it is apparently acceptable to make overweight women feel like they are second class citizens and to make fun of guys who are pleased with a bit more junk in the trunk (this is what guys who genuinely fancy larger women told me), after all, chubby chaser is a derogative term and I'm not sure whether there is an equivalent for men who are fixated on stuff like a thigh gap or clearly visible spine.
Again what are you talking about... where have I said I "disapprove" of anything or that I "judge people in the street"?

All I said previously was that unless a person has a valid medical condition then they CAN change their weight and do something about losing it. Stop making other things up to suit your arguments.

So I guess this futile demand for VS to make larger sizes stems from a desire to feel sexy too or to be able to go on girly shopping trips as a group with different sizes in it. It probably also has to do with the issue of being made to feel like a woman who doesn't fit a restrictive beauty norm is, in fact, no longer a woman but more of a "thing". Fat men also get bashed but never to the extent that women do and if they are funny and charming with a good job, it often doesn't matter so much. A woman will find herself being called too fat for wearing a UK size 14 and above, while a guy has to pack on some serious weight before he gets fat-shamed.
I don't personally care what other people call a woman too fat for... to me the only thing that matters when forming an opinion is if a person (male or female) is negatively affecting their health with their weight.

VS is the poster child for upholding an almost impossible to achieve body ideal. Same hairstyle, same make-up, same facial features that only vary in their hue - identikit beauty. Beauty, yes, they are stunning, it's their job after all, but all the same. They also represent what must be about 2% of the human population's genetic predisposition for height, skin tone, muscle tone, hair quality etc. combined with a willingness to make sure that predisposition is expressed to maximum effect AND a stunning face. I'm happy to look at them and acknowledge that they are masterpieces, the problem begins when people think that this is how everyone should want to be or compare real human beings to photoshopped images of already perfect creatures.
Do you think in real life that the men in this thread all date Victorias Secret models, and that we have no idea what the average woman look slike? No, shock, we date normal girls.
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