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Re: Big girls need to suck it up

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Glad you're not taken in by advertising.
Not anymore, no. But I did spend at least 15 years of my life utterly hating my naturally larger body and it took a dentist telling me that I would lose my teeth if I carried on with my bulimia to have a first moment of "hmm, maybe this is really worse than I thought". Then my thyroid malfunctioned and I STILL thought I could somehow exercise and starve my way into a different shape.

It took getting lupus for me to really reconsider it all but it's only been about two years since I've stopped beating myself up about not looking perfect. Most of the time. Then some idiot decides to end a date suddenly with the words "I didn't realise you were so fat, you looked slimmer on the (current! unphotoshopped!) photographs". However, it doesn't affect me like it used to, now I'm most likely to say "your loss" and mean it. Not to his face, of course, when people say stuff like that their unkindness always shocks me too much for a useful comeback.

But I know that many, MANY young women are completely drawn into the ruse. To be fair, it's a useful way to keep their minds occupied - it amazes me that girls do so much better than boys at school, yet somehow they seem to lack confidence. Could it be that we are frequently seeing messages that a clever mind is all well and good for a girl but what REALLY matters is that it lives in a pretty head?

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just a quick headsup to all the people bitchin

you realise not all men like thin women? or supermodels (most are not very attractive anyway) and there seems to be a huge gulf between what woman think is attractive (in a woman) and what men think.

Oh, absolutely, although there is a tendency towards making a difference between the women they want to be with physicaly and those they want to be seen with. Wimps

I don't mind if a guy is a bit chubby, as long as he is reasonably fit, strong and happy with himself with a clever mind and wicked sense of humour. After all a six-pack has never made me laugh, unless it was drawn on with crayon - now THAT would make me giggle.
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