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That sounds a bit like my job search of 2012. I made countless applications, also got some interviews, but no offers! Hey, but in the end, you only need one job/apartment. So keep a positive attitude.

1. Introspect: Are you making some rookie mistakes? Get your application reviewed. Apply within 25-35% of your net salary bracket. Get all those solvency letters, get a co-applicant, if necessary. Smoker? Musician? Party lover? Don't lie about it, but also don't make it too obvious.

2. Network: somebody covered this point already.

3. Persist: follow up, call up, remind - just as you would pester your HR department to "approve" something. You are the guy/gal in need. Swallow your ego and say, please please.. until the person just does it even if it's to get rid of you.
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